Wooden house in Luxembourg

Are you planning to build sustainably? We build the timber house of your dreams and we accompany you in your timber house construction project in Luxembourg.

As a certified passive house builder, we build houses in accordance with the criteria of the LENOZ (Lätzebuerger Nohaltegkeets-Zertifikat fir Wunngebaier) certification.

Wooden houses have an ideal thermal and sound insulation to save money in a pleasant environment.

Another advantage of the wooden house is the possibility of using an ecological building material. As it is mainly domestic wood, the transport distances of the material are usually very short. This also reduces the cost of building your wooden house in Luxembourg.

Apart from the eco-social aspects, you also benefit from financial support when you apply for a sustainability certificate for your home. The PRIMe House aid is also based on about 40 criteria of the LENOZ.

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Wooden houses also have the advantage that the thickness of a timber-frame wall is much less than that of a solid construction, so that a wooden house can quickly increase the living space by ten percent.

We offer timber frame houses and cross laminated timber houses CLT.

Our offer includes:

The timber is cut to size with the new 6-axis computer-controlled – Hundegger Robot-Drive 1250 joinery center. 

We are your experts in the construction of all types of wooden houses. Contact us for your wooden house in Luxembourg!

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